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via b3ta this is all I need to say about Rupert’s ‘apology’.

Although if you want to read some alternative original research into News International that talks about some of their other dirty deeds (DeMenenez, and Danielle Jones where even more than Milly Dowler it could actually change the result of the case) then read Bloggerheads.

And what I find most interesting is like many others I’ve been tweeting and emailing the companies who advertised in the now-defunct News of the World and NI generally – the response has been poor – step up Shopdirect and Weight Watchers as wonderful and worthy of little birds and gold halos, whereas others less so (Tescos, WHSMith, Superdrug – boo) either in a fence-sitting fashion, just said ‘we don’t have any advertising in the NOTW’ or otherwise ignored my request for them to stop advertising in all NI products as the majority ignored my emails…

Strange that even after the first phone hacking scandal ALL the major mobile providers are advertising or advertised in News International media and News of the World – strange for your brand to be attached to those that misused them isn’t it? So step up T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, and 3 for a slap and the naughty step – why deal with News Corp/International when your very systems and customers were abused? And stalling saying ‘we’re waiting for the results of the investigation’ that could be 2013 (!) is not acceptable. Only o2 has withdrawn advertising in NOTW (but might be advertising in other NI/N Copr products?), making me wish now I’d not switched from them.

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