Radio Clash 1-201 – now on bittorrent

Here are all the podcast episodes from the last 6 1/2 years and shows 1-201 in torrent form with also bonus material, such as show hijacks & crossovers to other podcasts, guest mixes and guest appearances on other podcasts…

If you want all the shows you can download the torrent file direct or over at Piratebay here. Please seed and download – I’m currently seeding all 13Gb (!) of it.

Special thanks to Kirk, Ian Fondue, Scott from the Night Nurse Show/Gay Ass Rock Show, The Who Boys, Jeb 50 Pound Note, Lee from the I Motor Away podcast and Pete Juxtaposeur and all who’ve appeared on the podcast or collaborated with over the years….I’ve included some of the collaborations, hijacks, crossovers and appearances from those people too as part of the torrent – including shows such as Skip to the End, 50 Pound Note, I Motor Away podcast and Scott from the Night Nurse show.

So Radio Clash virgins – this is where you start!

Relatio Clash

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