Bullied – a documentary film about a bullied kid fighting back

This documentary looks really interesting, about Jamie Nabozny who after 4 years sued his school and won for not protecting him from anti-gay physical and mental abuse. Suicide amongst gay teens is many times the non-gay average; and the fact that schools tend to do very little about homophobic bullying is part of that.

Good on Jamie for wanting to fight back and help stop it from happening to others – schools are loco in parentis and such should be protecting children from abuse and harm.

If you know anyone teaching in school please forward this link as you can get a free copy and teachers kit for your students. I can’t think of anything better you should teach kids, to respect and tolerate others and that anti-gay abuse is not cool nor is it allowed nor sanctioned. It might not be visible but there WILL be gay students in your class, dealing with many issues – sometimes sadly bullying.

Via Boing Boing – thanks for alerting people to stuff like this.

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