New Videotones videos shown at Glastonbury inc a premiere from me: Kleptones – Brightness and Contrast

Yup you read correctly – Videotones videos including the premiere of this one (Brightness and Contrast) shown at Glastonbury part of Kleptones AV set – they are playing tonight (Sunday at 11pm – Rabbit Hole Stage, The Park).

‘Tell me now how does it feel’ – Music has become branding and branding has become music; marketers want to know what the audience is doing so as TV morphs into CCTV, the hanging garden of reality shows has become king. And the irony is more choice actually means less as there’s 57 channels and there’s nothing on as the news becomes another reality show and propaganda and lies become reality…

Woah there! Yes it’s a video mashup, but one that’s more like ‘Mad Groove’ but it’s darker and more conspiracy theory prone elder sibling. The Kleptones‘ excellent Brightness and Contrast mashing up New Order’s Blue Monday, Nirvana’s On a Plain, Cure’s Hanging Garden and Bruce Springstein’s 57 Channels is added to such footage as Tommy, a rare Godfrey Reggio short, EdTV, bits of Steal This Film, MC Hammer, Slacker, the Good Consumer and Adbusters shorts, The End of Violence and many more.

Someone pointed out that Donald Sutherland was a theme in all the Videotones videos – sorry it’s actually Ken Russell ๐Ÿ˜€ Followed by TVs, Godfrey Reggio and things exploding…

Apparently the Silent Disco set at Glasto went well for Eric & co. – great news ๐Ÿ˜€

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