My graphical message to Dave & Nick & Gordon et al

I created this before the election, but thought it far too negative and apathetic to post – I then had a misguided faith in the UK democratic process and that people won’t give the Tories even a slight majority – or work together to avoid a Tory government, surely the party of SDP and Liberalism can’t get in bed with Tories? I was wrong. The last few days have changed that view – and with the Con/Dem Nation I have to say I’m never voting LibDem again, probably never in my lifetime. I’d rather vote independent or green or socialist and not have them get in but be honest rather than waste my vote on a bunch of power-hungry toffs who chuck their principles as soon as it suits them and reveals themselves to be rather more right-leaning than left as they were.

Pathetic. Just confirms my previous assertions re: liberals (you can never trust them, woolly, sometimes dodgy allowing fascists space, always infighting and usually infuriating) but had been lulled into an Obama-style ‘change’ 3rd option dream. As I say, never again. As I speak Dave Cameron is resurrecting from the dead all those Thatcher crones, Hague has-beens and Major Zombies – including Teresa May laughably as Equality Minister when she voted to KEEP Section 28, the most homophobic and red-top bait piece of legislation in UK history. Nice.

I TOLD you so, but looks like a few of you statistically didn’t listen πŸ™

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