Who exactly is breaking Britain? Tories ‘Big Society’ has a hidden agenda

From this report in The Independent on the Conservative council of Hammersmith & Fulham, which “George Osborne says the work they have done since then will be a “model” for a new Conservative government, while Cameron has singled them out as a council he is especially “proud” of”. it seems like the Conservatives are the ones who have created Broken Britain, not fixed it.

I mean get this:

We know where this ended. A young woman – let’s called her Jane Phillips, because she wants to remain anonymous – turned up at the council’s emergency housing office one night, sobbing and shaking. She was eight months pregnant. She explained she was being beaten up by her boyfriend and had finally fled because she was frightened for her unborn child. The council said they would “investigate” her situation to find “proof of homelessness” – but she told them she had nowhere to go while they carried it out. By law, they were required to provide her with emergency shelter. They refused. They suggested she try to find a flat on the private market.

For four nights, she slept in the local park, on the floor. She is still traumatised by the memories of lying, pregnant and abandoned, in one of the wealthiest parts of Europe. The Local Government Ombudsman investigated but the council recording of the case was so poor she said it “hindered” her report. After a long study, she found the council’s conduct amounted to “maladministration”. Since they came to power, the Conservatives are housing half as many homeless people as Labour – even though the recession has caused a surge in homelessness. That’s a huge number of Janes lying in parks, or on rotting mattresses by Hammersmith Bridge.

WTF? You cannot make this stuff up…increased child care for a ‘party of the family’, cutting off meals to the elderly to fund tax cuts for the rich, charging for home care for disabled people, selling of council estates for valuable land because the poor don’t have enough ROI, shutting down youth centres and I have a feeling that scenario will get more common if the Tories get in. Is this the ‘Broken Britain’ they want to fix – one they created?

A Big Scary Society where no-one cares? Does that sound familiar, anyone? The Tories haven’t changed…I suspected it, but this article confirms it. Shocking.

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