The Music Video Car Crash Show*

*well blog post, like the BBC we’re cutting back.

After the ‘wonder’ of Shine, now we have another ‘musical’ selection courtesy of Robert Popper’s wonderful and funny blog.

As I said in my post about Shine – just singing/playing badly doesn’t cut it anymore in this era of Guitarband and autotune and kids messing around on YouTube and people intentionally playing badly. No you have to try hard and be almost certifiably deluded in your own ability, and have a video that is not badly shot, it’s attempting something else and failing utterly.

As a fan of ‘bad music’ or ‘outsider music’ it’s harder and harder to come by as the post-modernists and internet holds up a mirror to people – but nice to see some soldier on unwittingly and unknowingly, like X-Factor auditionists.

Talking of X-Factor (or American Idol in this case) exhibitauditionistas producing high-quality car crash entertainment:

In this JEdward World, he’ll probably *snap* go a long way…

Next up – Crystal Swing, the mother/daughter/son team that not only have a magical invisible drummer and guitarist, play the wrong notes on the keyboard and talk dirty in Spanish to EACH OTHER. WRONG. This is what they apparently get up to in Cork…so famous it inspired a drag queen takeoff

‘Pardon me’? I don’t think even the Pope could get you out of that shit. Has become a meme, so the legendary Maxine Swaby has been re:re:re:re:re:re:’d to death and shown up by 6 year old Esme who can sing better. And now – with rabbits! AAARGH THE RECURSION!

Lori Watts ‘Chill in my Veins’ does this, and provides a chill (sort of a blackboard back of neck thing) in every way. Is she looking for track marks? Also check out the literalism – that’s a common thing in these videos 😀

Suzi Cramp lingers. On your finger. I’d call the police if I were you…

And this is a class music video – one of those miming ones, with of course the same ‘throw them all in’ approach to video effects. But is it me or is a 50 year old miming about the 16 year old angel next door say more ‘Police scene do not cross’ rather than ‘sweet’?

Finally the YouTube classic – the appallingly bad cam video. Tend to avoid these as we all do stupid shit on the internet right? But sometimes it’s so bad it goes beyond just embarassing.

This guy really can beatbox, Honestly.

Oh and more bad rap nonsense…worst rap duo ever? Best bit him trying to do the robot. And yes that was a little weak…talking about throwing your thumbs didn’t improve it either *facepalm*

SUPER…DOOOOOD. If super suddenly means retarded, yes.

Relatio Clash

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