The NirGaGa Saga

I’ve been keeping tabs on the whole NirGaGa Saga, where DJ Lobsterdust‘s Nirvana vs Lady Gaga got a Cease and Desist recently from EMI, as well as Bootie for putting it on their Best of Bootie 2009 CD.

I’ll let DJ Lobsterdust describe the timeline in his own words:

september – Nirgaga (Nirvana vs. Lady Gaga) gets posted. GYBOers give it the thumbs down. several online blogs declare it is the worst mashup I’ve ever done. I move on.

a few months later Nirgaga gets played at bootie, the (drunk) punters love it. A+D declare Nirgaga is now a bootie anthem.

early December – the track is featured on the Best Of Bootie 2009 CD. The CD goes viral and gets mentioned in countless mainsteam outlets.

late December – Twitter & Youtube go gaga over the mashup, MTV and the Wall Street Journal mention Nirgaga on their websites. Twitterati claim it’s one of the greatest mashups ever, youtubers demand I be burned alive for making it.

early January – EMI sends me (and also A+D) a Cease and Desist letter, we pull the plug on Nirgaga. The saga ends (for now).

And most interestingly, EFF have now taken an interest – one of the first mashups to do that, if not the first. That is a very good sign.

Anyone who reads/listens to Radio Clash knows my hatred of EMI – long standing due to a C&D I got from them in 2004 for using an official acapella they released (how stupid is that?)…

I have to say (cos I tell it like it is, yes I know but it’s a package deal don’t look like that) the mash itself is merely OK, not a fave of mine for the reason that ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ has been mashed to death since it’s release, from Call It What You Want to Tin man and Smells Like Teen Booty and about 9,000 more of the suckers…’Smells…’ will go with most tracks and sadly has been (and I hate Lady Gaga) but if the likes of EFF want to fight EMI over it, I’d more than get behind that.

P.S. I wasn’t one of the GYBO thumbs down people Lobsterdust was talking about though, I like most people hadn’t heard the track until A&D started raving about it 😀 Certainly as a mash it polarises opinion, which is a good thing – like the comments I get on the video I did for Earworm’s Radiohead vs Kanye mash, some people think certain acts are inviolate and should not be tarred with the pop brush – here’s some funny examples from NirGaGa’s YouTube page:

this is the worst that someone could do to a great song, fuck ugly lady gaga and her stupid talentless songs!!! The guy who made this should be burried alive


This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. This should be removed on principal alone!!!


I can’t believe someone would do this to a great Nirvana song!!!!!

But don’t hold back, say what you think – did you like it? LOL.

For that Lobsterdust I salute you – it’s hard to get a true marmite reaction – and I have to say there are quite a few positive responses too…it does seem to be a total love/hate track. Certainly EMI seem to be in the latter category 😉
Oh and EMI would hate for you to click on this link.

Relatio Clash

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