Sir Bonarar – 3 Strikes and you’re out! Howzat! Good show!

Bonzer work from those awfully nice chaps (and ladies) at Open Rights Group. What ho!

I could write novels about the whole 3 strikes farrago and Mandy’s Pirate Finder General nonsense…I’m not ignoring it, in fact I got a letter from Stephen Timms in response to the letter I wrote to Glenda. It was a form letter of depressing ignorance, government blather, propaganda and badly signed and did not cover ANY of the points I raised such as improving licensing and actual ways to improve the digital economy rather than kill it. At least Glenda who although she didn’t agree with me about filesharing still passed on my letter and did her duty as a MP.

Still I do think you should write to your MP about this – with the closure of ThePirateBay and Mininova the clouds are gathering.

If you want to help defeat these evil foes who think that torrenting is evil, create Digital Economy Bills that actually don’t guarantee anything for the improvement of the digital economy (funny that, not even making mashups legal!) but protect the status quo of Mandy’s friends such as Geffen, and that filesharing is equal to running over and biffing an old lady over the head and stealing her purse, then these links are for you:

  • Open Rights Group – I am a founding member
  • Pirate Party – again, I am a member – hope to get more involved as with ORG also soon.
  • Don’t Disconnect Us – twitter feed is very informative too.
  • 38 Degrees – again as with spotting the expenses farrago MONTHS before it hit, they were there way back meeting Mandelson and campaigning to stop it and will be monitoring how the new law is (ab)used. Respect.

Spinning vinyl? You’re doing it wrong.

Video is still oncoming…predictably the last render failed after 7 hours. You can now see why I don’t do video much!

Anyway enjoy this video which takes the idea of a disc jockey and makes it more disc hockey…this will cheer up those sad from the fact that Technics is being discontinued…or actually not (they apparently are discontinuing the midrange decks, but still producing the top and bottom range). Although it’s crazy in these Twitter lightning-speed times that a tech firm like Panasonic who owns the Technics brand took 2-3 days to refute it. Wake up marketing at the back there.

RC 183: Take Me Back to Africa – video and audio podcasts!

As I mentioned before on the blog I went to Ethiopia and South Africa for 2 weeks, and to honour that occasion and of the 5 years of Radio Clash I resurrected the travel podcasts – with a twist. I shot video on my iPod and camera so there is a complete video podcast of 1 1/2 hours and also here is the full 2 hour music podcast it’s based from.

RC 183: Take Me Back To Africa – video podcast Part 1! from on Vimeo.

Part two:

RC 183: Take Me Back to Africa Part 2 from on Vimeo.

Includes music (and video) from all over Africa – from Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi, Angola and Kenya, and the first ever solo remix from me, as Fingertrouble – that video will also go live separately, and the track will be available for download.

It Began in Africa-ca-ca-ca (88Mb, 116mins)

  • Happy Birthday to RC-C-C!
  • The Very Best – The Warm Heart of Africa (Fingertrouble Takes The Boom Bap Back to Africa remix)
  • Femi Kuti – Alkebu-Lan (Cradle Of Civilization)
  • Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit
  • DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Sinden Rmx)
  • The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) – Boyz
  • Buraka Som Sistema (feat. Dj Znobia) – Luanda/Lisboa
  • Sahara All Stars Bandjos – Enjoy Yourself
  • Mandoza – Noma Guphi
  • Zola – Ngudu
  • Brenda Fassie – Vulindela
  • Miriam Makeba – Remember Sophiatown (Featuring The Skylarks)
  • Lijadu Sisters – Orere Elejigbo
  • Miss Frenchie – The Lion Sleeps
  • Jonas Gwangwa – Sello Sa Matseltapo
  • Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestroes – Guitar Boy
  • The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  • East Africa Bashment Crew – Fire Anthem
  • Pitch Black Afro – A Day In the Life
  • Aster Aweke – Tchewata
  • Gigi – Guramayle
  • Miriam Makeba – Kilimanjaro

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