Month: August 2009

August 17 /

Before YouTube we had TakeoverTV – yes like YouTube full of absolute shit, and strangely the same cat/violence/zombie/sex obsession of later web 2.0, but occasionally there was the odd gem. Divine David aka David Hoyle was one of those, popping…

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August 16 /
August 16 /

Shiny new post on a shiny new host, and something that’s been in my torrent download queue for ages – the film Steal This Film II – a great freely downloadable documentary about file sharing, information sharing in cultures (like…

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August 14 /

Already switched, and a few other of my domains to Hostgator (this is because my current host of 3 years Dreamhost is sadly been terrible for the last 6 months to a year, hence the 500 errors and…

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