RC 182: Do You Remember The First Time part one

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I mentioned on Twitter that I was planning a follow-up to these shows, and without even mentioning that the idea was around the theme of first, dorkland aka Walton (Viera?) in Second Life suggested I do a show on the first mashups that got people hooked on them. I did so on Twitter, Get Your Bootleg On forum and this blog and had an amazing response…so amazing that the show has had to be edited down and some of the responses dropped – but I still have 27 amazing tracks which are all classics and part of bootleg/mashup history (and a few were surprises even for me).

Still ended up over 2 hours though! Very much worth it, because it is a 2 hour 20 long mix of some of the most influential and classic bootlegs of all time.

As I said this is part 1 of a series, the next one as it always happens was playlisted first and already included a few mashups and cutups that were mentioned for this show, so those tracks and shouts will be in the next part.

Thanks to all who responded what their first mashup they heard (or wanted to hear) was!

But you know that we’ve changed so much since then, oh yeah (2 hours 20, 110Mb)


  • Girls On Top – Warm Bitch (first mashup for: me & Cartelmike)
  • Freelance Hellraiser – A Stroke of Genius (dorkland, LV15, okiokinl)
  • Soulwax – Smells Like Teen Booty (iainh, A&D)
  • dj french bloke – destiny’s kennedys (eve massacre)
  • Soulwax – Skeelo & Eye Of The Tiger (REMIX) (tigermendoza, RebornIdentity)
  • Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse – 99 Problems (Eternalkhaos)
  • DJ EZG – Rockerfaction (ACRoZ, Mighty Mike)
  • ? – My Name Is Funk Soul Brother (Veering Axiom)
  • Pussy 2000 – It’s Gonna Be Alright (dunproofin)
  • Tinman – 18 Strings (Promo mix) (ACROZ)
  • Freelance Hellraiser – I Just Can’t Get Enough Purple Pills (GaraGara)
  • ? – Last Night Billie Jean Saved My Life (Bob Levingbird)
  • Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On (X-Press White Label Club Mix) (Oscar TG)
  • ECC – Rebel Without A Pause (Pete Juxtaposeur, FM24)
  • Osymyso – Intro Inspection (corporation)
  • DJ Gauffie – Oops! Slim Shady Did It Again (Norwegian Recycling, DJ Schmolli)
  • Jay-Zena – 99 Luft Problems (9freak9)
  • Grease Vs Dr Dre & Snoop Dog – You’re The One I Want In The Next Episode (lassoo the moon)
  • Girls on Top – We Don’t Give a Damn About Our Friends (Tizwarz, jake9274)
  • Soulwax – Dreadlock Child (Lee Spoons)
  • Freelance Hellraiser – Step on Man (Ian Fondue)
  • Go Home Productions – Jacko Under Pressure (Linus)
  • Loo & Placido – Rigby Reggae (CMP)
  • DJ Earworm – Stairway to Bootleg Heaven (BenY)
  • 10000 Spoons – Whiskey in the Jarre (clivester)
  • PartyBen – Boulevard of Broken Songs (psycho acoustic research, WFAH)
  • Orbital – Halcyon (Live) (PortPower)

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  1. August 25

    Nice one,

    90 seconds later after downloading, i am now about to play this.

    Thanks for the shout.

  2. August 25

    This is bound to be a fantastic podcast packed with absolute classics!

  3. August 26

    Marvellous! Had a quick listen last night… there’s a lot of stuff on there I’d forgotten about, and quite a bit I’ve never heard. Will give it a proper listen today.

  4. johnytardy
    August 26

    damn..some nice tunes..makes me want to dig a couple of them out

  5. Martin Clabburn
    August 26

    This won’t download via itunes (never had a problem in the past)

    • August 26

      Download via the iTunes store feed? If so that would be because I forgot to add it there – different feed. Should be fixed now!

      Always quicker to use this feed 😉

  6. August 26

    Good show, looking forward to the next installment. Still taking suggestions?

    • August 26

      No unless you have suggestions for the first mashup ever 😉

  7. August 27

    Orbital track was done on my 20th birthday, 27 March 1999.. =)

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