Uhoh DJNoNo releases a new mashup – Yo-Yo Roll, Osmonds go drum & bass

What happens if you combine this:

with this?:


Yo-Yo Roll

Yo-Yo Roll (Aphrodite “Woman That Rolls” vs Hugo Montenegro “Yo-Yo” vs Osmonds “Yo-Yo” vs Swingle Singers “Daytripper”)

Yes a new mashup has slithered out of NoNoTowers from DJNoNo. It looks like he’s released another bootleg, a rather funky drum & bass number combining The Osmonds 1971 hit ‘Yo-Yo’ and the brass-tastic Hugo Montenegro version with Aphrodite ‘Woman That Rolls’ and a slight sprinkling of Daytripper from the Swingle Singers. Yes he went there…

Pic includes the first ever depiction of a Yo-Yo – from Ancient Greece ca. 440 BC on a kylix, a drinking cup from Attica . You can’t say this blog aint edukashunal!

P.S. DJNoNo couldn’t get that bit to match but WHO gets a 14 year old boy to sing ‘I used to be a swinger, until you wrapped me ’round your finger….’???? I guess they were too innocent, LOL.

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