Bittersweet victory

Well that didn’t last long.

Sorry to poop the party mood but Proposition 2 passed in Florida banning gay marriage and Proposition 8 also doing same in California isn’t looking good.

And sadly this is one of the few issues President Obama is crap on.

Next time can you elect a gay president? Or an atheist for that matter?

Or is that going to take another 200 years as well?

So near yet so far – sigh.

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  1. November 5

    Do you mean “atheist”? Like me?
    Yeah, Prop 8 is a pisser. Mr. Sulu’s marriage just got voided cause of some hateful godbags–and it can’t be blamed on Conservatives because it happened, just like many of the marriage bans in 2004–in a solidly-blue state. Fascism, as Eco defines it here, is well-entrenched in the US. And as hopeful as Obama getting elected is (and I was in the streets celebrating, I’m not trying to diminish the joy around this), Chris Floyd lays out why I’m ambivalent about the actual Obama presidency.
    The one hope regarding Prop 8 and all the bans on individual rights is they’re meaningless in the face of a Supreme Court challenge. That’s how the bans on inter-racial marriage got struck down and it’s how these bans will be struck down as well. Also, since the ban will strip rights from citizens, there will be a challenge in the higher courts. That’s cold comfort at best, especially when it’s an issue about whether a nation recognizes the basic human dignity of its citizens, But the opponents of dignity always lose in the long term.
    The fact that we live in the short-term just means we have to make sure this issue doesn’t get swept under the rug because no one wants to “taint” the Obama victory with “sour grapes.” Our side won. It’s time for payback and we have to make sure those who serve us don’t forget.

  2. November 5

    It’s definitely a bittersweet day on account of Prop 8 and the similar bullshit measures that were seemingly passed everywhere they were proposed. It’s time for this to become a national issue, with “civil unions” replacing “marriage” for ALL couples. Until then, we are second-class citizens.

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