Worst Band Names of all Time!

Test Icicles at No. 1? I can’t disagree with this list at all…

Tim B Written by:


  1. Chris Knight
    June 11

    Oh, they left out the worst, “The The”. Good luck using any search tool with that name. Oh, and is it “The The”, “The the”, “The, The”? Hahahahahah.

  2. Tyler
    June 11

    Naming your band Various is pretty stupid too. Record stores threw them in with Various Artists.

  3. W.A. Duck
    June 12

    And we can’t forget “ON.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ON_%28music%29 ). A friend of mine was heavily into them (and Piet Mondiran – no accounting for taste) and I spent way too much time trying to Google ON. ON band. ON music. etc.

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