Want to help change the arcane UK copyright law?

Some of you will know about the Gowers report on Copyright which recommended the loosening on rules around ‘fair use’ in the UK similarly to US rap groups and parodies in the US. Now according to the wonderful Open Rights group they are looking for examples from artists to give Patent Office where more relaxed copyright would have made things easier.

They are looking for concrete examples of creative practices inhibited by the law, to back up proposed exceptions for the purposes of “creative, transformative or derivative works” and “caricature, parody or pastiche”. Would you, your colleagues, students or collaborators benefit from these exceptions? Are you working or have you worked on a project outlawed by the overly-protectionst copyright regime, which would have benefited from these kinds of exceptions? If so, please get in touch – info[at]openrightsgroup.org – and share your experience.

Obviously the introduction of similar ‘fair use’ laws as in the US would transform mashups and sample-culture, podcasting, remixing, music performance, recording and such like, so please give examples to Open Rights Group, they seem to be good people on the side of angels (and not Record Industry shills afaik).

Please do this – or at least if you don’t, don’t moan to me about the arcane UK copyright laws in future – we have out chance and it’s now.

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