Eclectic Kettle with Kid Carpet pics now up!

Kid Carpet aka Ed Patrick
Kid Carpet aka Ed Patrick. Not an Axminster in sight…
Last minutedly (great grammar there Tim!) at the weekend I went down to Bristol to the January Eclectic Kettle at the Arctic Bar with Kid Carpet playing, along with the WOB crew (Lumpy, Juxtaposeur, AndrewHerring) and not only did they all play blinding sets, they also bucked the trend for a January night and PACKED the place!

So a massive success all round – watch out for these in future!

Also got to meet Angus and Phoebe’s (aka Mr and Mrs Herring) new babies – 2 kittens called Purdey and Presley…soooooooooo cute (despite the allergies) and stayed over at their place and got a lift back with Dog of Phil n’ Dog (thanks!) so it was a little bit of a SF reunion (Kid Carpet even played 99 Red Balloons, sending us all back to San Fran in a heartbeat!)

More Pictures of the night.

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  1. January 12


    playing at being a dj was fun. i might try it again


  2. January 13

    yeah you did a great set – loved it! Loads o’ classics…

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