London Podcasters meetup report

John, Paul and Rob

John (my partner), Paul (organiser of the meetup) and Rob TOTP taken by Mike O’Hara

The meetup went well – met up with Neil Dixon (Britcaster) and Jen (Regularjen) and Mike (from the Fishbowl podcast) and Paul (organiser of the meetup, creator of The Who Tales) in attendance.

Scott of the Night Nurse podcast and Rob of Top of the Pods joined a bit later, and Brad from the MacFormat podcast (I think?) are the ones I remember…it got hazy quite quickly πŸ˜‰

John came with me and despite one embarassing moment (for me!) where Rob was asking if John was a genius like I’d told him (oops…John is a genius in my eyes though, and at one point I think he lost all of us by jumping lightyears ahead, well information systems and things like podcasting and blogging is partly what he teaches at University), John had a really good time,

I behaved myself even around Mac-talk (I still think Apple should do a WiFi iPod, it’s a no-brainer), copyright, mashups and bandwidth, and talk about who was the cutest male avatar (eh?) when I came back from a nice Italian meal with John around the corner. I think I missed something on the latter…

Had a great time talking to Jen about punk and gay skateboarders, too! So it wasn’t all g33kt4lk…

More photos of the carnage taken by Mike here

Relatio Clash

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