the thing I really hate about iTunes…

Well there’s quite a few, but one of the reasons I didn’t want to buy an iPod was iTunes – shitty software, tbh. Very buggy, just less buggy than the rest.

At the moment it’s acting like a zombie coming back from the dead (and processes killed being on WinXP) even when the iPod isn’t connected, then trying to do an update every 2-3 mins…anyone have an idea why? It pops up every 2 mins even if you close it/kill it/turn on disk mode/switch off the auto-sync option/unplug the iPod and swear profusely, nope it’s BACK!!! Just like Jason.

I have the suspicion it’s Juice, another buggy-but-less-buggy-than-the-rest software option, calling up iTunes every 2 minutes. It’s really annoying.

And yes I’ve disabled iTunesHelper (doh) and the like from startup now. These sorts of things just really annoy me…

EDIT: I worked out what it was, it was Juice updating iTunes every few minutes while downloading…fixed it by switching to another player…but then Juice doesn’t update iTunes. Aaargh.

So sorry iTunes it was another buggy piece of software…just this once! Did I tell you about the time iTunes 6 auto-update killed the mini-mac??!

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