Why I don’t like internet radio (or Yahoo)

OK so trying to save some battery power on my iRiver and bored at work I try and use Yahoo’s Launch – I used to listen to this online personalised streaming station a lot…first I try Firefox; and get am error code ‘Netscape 6+ not supported’. OK, not great, obviously IE specific but I have that on this Mac…I then open up IE and try it and get this error:


Sorry, OS 8.5 or higher (not OS X), Netscape 4.5 (not 6.0+), and Windows Media Player 7.0+ required

Error Code: 5 – 0

That’s pretty funny. A company with the resources of Yahoo, and their online player (which you have to use to make you see their annoying ads) only supports Mac Classic, and NS 4.5? Talk about shutting out an entire audience…

This is why I prefer podcasting, and MP3. Less issues like this…although the iRiver seems slightly more fussy than the iPod I don’t get messages like ‘Error! WMA, OGG or VBR not supported, please downgrade back to 1997…’

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  1. November 26

    1997… please delete all your files.

    No really…. all of them. I was still deciding whether there was a future in VJing back then…

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