Radio Clash 30: hAmsterDamn you KLM / meeting Bicyclemark

In which I goto Amsterdam (eventually), meet Bicyclemark, do the Family Pride thing mix-wise, uhuh, darling.

Listen here (37Mb, 64:20)


  • Ronnie Hilton – Windmill in Old Amsterdam
  • KLM Sucks Donkey Balls (Heathrow Soundpeeing tour)
  • dj prince – sign o the times in mi kitchen (Prince vs UB40)
  • Finally in Amsterdam (soundpeeing tour mk 2)
  • Roppenzo – Close to a Bug (Destiny’s Child vs The Cure)

Family Pride mix:

  • Sara Bernhard – Mighty Real
  • Frenchbloke & Son – Monday Survivor (New Order vs Gloria Gaynor)
  • Elektric Cowboy – Useless Love Song (Minty vs LIP)
  • Le Tigre – Viz
  • My Robot Friend – Walt Whitman (Remix)
  • Imperial Drag – Girl or a Boy
  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Tainted Love
  • Futon – Gay Boy (EC edit)
  • Peaches – Gay Bar
  • bittersoundfoundation – No More Gay Bars (Electric Six vs Stranglers)
  • Let My People Come – I’m Gay (from 365 Project)

BicycleMark chat part one:

  • Fondleparks
  • CommuteCrashts and historical chats
  • At last we answer the pressing dilemma – how DID Bicyclemark get his name?
  • Big John Stud
  • alexh – Mahana Mahnna in Memphis

Bicyclemark chat part two:

  • Bikewarstories
  • Sterilising Amsterdam
  • #cookies and work don’t mix
  • Logical drug usage
  • (unexplained chair noise interlude)
  • Black Box Recorder – England Made Me

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  1. mindcaster
    June 7

    great podcast, sorry to hear the Blue Swan fucked up. For future reference: the ‘Vondel’ in Vondelpark unfortunately doesn’t have to do with any fondling or walking, it’s the name of one our most famous poets, Joost van den Vondel.

  2. June 8

    I looked afterwards in the Rough Guide and it said he was a poet, but to me it sounds like character from Hitchhikers – Vroomfondel πŸ˜€

    glad you like the show!

  3. As it too often happens.. I was waay off on the vondel… and im not really sure why.

    From this podcast I learned that I am the king of random.

    But indeed it was good meeting you, and that little microphone is really quite good!

  4. June 9

    don’t sound so surprised!

    And the vondelmistake – so dutch poetry has passed you by, do you really feel that bereft? πŸ˜€ It’s not high on my list of priorities either, to go fondel a poem.

    (awaits loads of dutchpersons telling me dutch poetry is the best…)

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