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Those of you that wonder what it is I do (I do, frequently) I’ve setup new Artist blog sites which will include ssme of my old and new bootlegs/mashups/call em what you will (usually ‘crap’ comes to mind…) amongst other people who have much better skills than I. But it’ll replace the old Instamatic fuddy-duddy HTML site (pah! I do not want your ancient technology!)

You can find the Instamatic blog at: The tunes will be back very shortly, and I’ll do one for my tbc ‘downbeat’ bottlegging guise too.

And DJNoNo too now has a homesite/blog or as he calls it ‘Cr1b’, You can go and find out what all the Accordion references on Radio Clash are about….;-)

Eventually I’ll open up the Mutantpop Artists blogs to any mashup/music artist who want a WordPress blog – such as want to podcast but without the hassle…PLUS: you can see all the MutantPop artist posts aggregated here: which is really cool…and yes they all have individual RSS feeds so subscribe away! Mashups delivered directly to your door, err, drive, that’s the future *I* envisage…

All this brought to you courtesy of the incredible! the fantastic! the free! WordPress 1.5 and Pytan’s great MultiBlogHack. It’s very alpha (hence it not open to others yet) but very exciting!

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